DSL v5 acknowledges that adults and children not only require, but also prefer different listening levels. (Scollie et al, 2005)
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Prospective graduate students

Graduate students enter the Child Amplification Laboratory from one of two programs at the University of Western Ontario. Historically, most students were students in Audiology, within the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. These students still have contact with our laboratory and its personnel via independent studies and/or supervision of evidence-based practice studies, guest lectures, and formal coursework. However, prospective graduate students who wish to train within our lab after September 2007 must now enroll in the Hearing Sciences field within the newly-formed Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. These programs offer opportunities for master's and/or doctoral level training in our lab, both with a research focus. Prospective students who wish to undertake clinical training will do so within the Audiology area of the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Thinking of studying with us?

Please have a look at our current projects to get a sense of what we work on. You might also be interested in our recent presentations and publications.

Already an audiologist? Thinking of pursuing a PhD?

Have a look at the Hearing Sciences field! This new and exciting field allows you to complete your PhD in any one of the NCA laboratories, with supervision by Hearing Science and Audiology researchers. We think this offers a great training environment in terms of people, program, and facilities.

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