The DSL Method and Research

Our research on the DSL Method is supported by a wide range of laboratories at the National Centre for Audiology, Western University.

Child Amplification Laboratory – Conducts Pediatric Amplification Research.  Directed by Susan Scollie, PhD in collaboration with Marlene Bagatto, PhD, and Danielle Glista, PhD.

Family Centred Care Laboratory – Provides Family Centred Early Intervention Research. Directed by Sheila Moodie, PhD.

Translational Research Laboratory – Directs research on hearing aid outcomes for adults who use the DSL5 – adult prescription. Coordinated by Paula Folkeard, AuD.

Our labs are located at:
The National Centre for Audiology
Western University
Elborn College
1201 Western Road
London, Ontario, Canada
N6G 1H1


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